Zero Radius Sinks, Small Radius Sinks and PerfecFlo™ Small Radius Sinks

Zero radius sinks were the first "square sinks" introduced to the marketplace. They provide a sleek modern look, but the square edges and corners were difficult to clean. The bottom corners would develop black spots over time.

The bottoms of the sinks were flat because they were made from a flat piece of steel that was folded and then welded at the corners. Zero radius sinks may have folds in the bottom, so they look like they drain, but if the countertop is dead not level, water may puddle in the corners.

The PerfectFlo™ Rounded Corner Difference

PerfecFlo™ Sinks have a 3/8" rounded corner so you can clean them. The rounded corners make the sink quieter. The bottom of PerfecFlo™ Sinks are pressed before the sides are fabricated, so they have positive drainage. The design of our infinity stainless steel sinks drains water to the disposal, rather than puddling near the corners. Click on the Drain Test in the sidebar to see the difference between conventional Zero Radius and Small Radius Sinks and the new State of the Art PerfecFlo™ Sinks.

PerfecFlo™ Sinks are state of the art when it comes to small radius sink which have a larger area for drainage.