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3219 PrefecFlo Sink

PerfecFlo™ Stainless Steel Small Radius Kitchen Sink which unlike Zero Radius and other square sinks is designed to drain. Made from heavier 304 stainless steel,  it is made to stay bright and lustrous as long as your Granite or Quartz countertop. Has sound deadening technology and rated for 1 HP disposal. 

PerfectFlo™ FSR3219PF, Dimensions 30"X17"X10" Deep

High Quality, Easy Maintenance, Small Radius Sink  with Drainfast Technology; PerfecFlo™; Watch the Video; 

Higher Quality 304 Stainless Stainless Steel like Appliances.

Quiet Heavy Fabricated Sink - sink 27.78 Lbs without packaging.

Rated for 1 HP Garbage Disposal.

Fully automated premium finish.

Limited Lifetime Warranty