Garbage Disposal and Your Sink

Garbage Disposal units are getting bigger and more powerful all the time. One-half horsepower used to be the standard, but today one-half horsepower is the bare minimum. Three quarter or even one horsepower is preferred to pulverize the waste, so it does not clog drains, pipes, and sewers. If, like most people, you intend to use the larger units you need to make sure your sink will handle the vibration of grinding more and harder waste.

A thinner sink will cause the disposal to be noisier and may even damage the sink or your plumbing. We recently had a consumer call. She chose a cheaper big box sink and now wanted to know why the plumbing drain kept coming loose. What we determined was there was so much vibration from the disposal it was causing the plastic pipe connections to come apart.

Cygnet Stainless sinks are rated for 1.5 horsepower garbage disposals.