About Sink Grids

The Sink Grid is the most misunderstood accessory. Even the name is confusing. Some people call them grids others call them grates.

The Grids are the wire mesh made for the bottom of a stainless steel sink. They protect the sink and reduce scratching that is inevitable with a stainless steel sink over time.

Grids are made specifically to the individual sink model and manufacturer. Cygnet Stainless Grids fit only in Cygnet Sinks.

Cygnet manufactured from grids from solid 304 stainless steel wire, no coatings, and no chrome plating, so there is nothing to crack, peel off or rust. They match our sinks and are made to last a lifetime.

A grid needs to fit into the sink properly, so it does not damage it. The grid should have rubber side protectors and plastic caps on the legs to prevent scratching. On Cygnet grids, both the plastic caps and side protectors are removable so they can be run through a dishwasher periodically.I have a collection of sinks grids that customers have provided to me over the years.

Grids made from cheaper steel have coatings or chrome plating to protect them. The coatings and chrome plating do not hold up against multipurpose soaps and cleaning chemicals. Once the coating or chrome plating cracks and peels, the steel is exposed, and it will rust.

I have others made of thinner wire with larger wire spacing, and they bend or sag. Many have very poor welding at the junction of the wires causing them to crack and separate.

Cygnet stainless grids are made of solid 304 stainless steel wire specifically for each sink model and will last as long as your sink and stone top.