304 Stainless Steel; Why your kitchen sink needs to be 304 Stainless Steel


304 Stainless Steel - Longer Lasting, Better Quality

All Appliances that use stainless steel are made with 304 Stainless Steel. If you do not have 304 your stainless steel sink with be duller and will not match your appliances.

304 Stainless has 18 percent Chromium. Chromium is what gives your sink its luster. Lower grade steel such as 301 or ungraded steel will not match other stainless steel in your kitchen.

304 also has eight percent nickel. Nickel hardens the finish and makes the luster last. Many drop-in sinks furnished with production homes yellow over time and look old and worn. 304 will not show age like 301 grade stainless steel or lower.