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Troubleshooting Eclipse and Cygnet Faucets

Partial or complete loss of pressure in Spray Head – remove spray head and check pressure without the head. If pressure good without spray head, remove the backcheck valve and replace the head without the backcheck valve. The faucet will work without a backcheck valve.  If removing the backcheck valve does not fix the issue, you need a new head.
Water drips out of spray mode when the faucet is on flow mode. -before ordering part try removing backcheck valve as shown in this video before ordering head a new head. You can also soak overnight in white vinegar to remove built-up minerals. If removing the backcheck valve does not fix the issue you need to replace the spray head.
Plastic insert falls out of Spray head or insert is damaged – Order new head. Insert is not replicable.
A leak in the hose – replace the hose. If before 2015 need neck insert and key which are sold separately.  
Leak at base of faucet or from inside the body and dripping under the countertop. Replace cartridge.
Lost pressure on hot or cold water ONLY – it could be a blocked cartridge or a block water line. If your water heater is older or has not been serviced you may be getting debris from your water heater in the line. Replacing cartridge my not fix the issue.
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