Tips for Selecting Granite for Your Kitchen

There are hundreds of granite slabs to choose from and selecting just the right one can be an overwhelming chore. Here are some tips that can make it easier;

  • If you have a lot of natural light in the kitchen, dark countertops may work. They hide dirt well and paired with stainless steel appliances or light cabinets can have a high-end appearance, but in a darker room a black or dark top can make the room look spooky or just plain dreary.
  • A light countertop can brighten the kitchen particularly if you have little light or dark cabinets and are not looking to change them. When selecting lighter colors make sure some other feature of the kitchen adds color or pick a slab with color in it so the room does not look washed out or lifeless.
  • Lighter colors may make the kitchen feel bigger
  • Always view the actual slab that will be used in your home. Many colors have similar names but have different grades and slabs with the same name might go from bright and lustrous to dull and washed out.
  • Bring tile, cabinet and other samples to match with your slab.
  • Try to view in the same type of lighting that you have in your home. A slab viewed under bright warehouse lighting may look far different than when it is under warmer residential lighting. If you can not bring the lighting to slab warehouse bring a sample of the slab to you kitchen.
  • Ask if the slab is dyed. Many slabs are died to bring out the color but when it is cut and the edges are polished the un-dyed side may appear dull.  A good fabricator can dye the edges but it is a tricky and expensive process.
  • If you select a slab with a lot of veining or movement make sure you understand what part of the slab will become your countertop. Dramatic swirls and patterns may be faults in the slab making it harder to work with in the shop and may impact appearance and longevity if not prepared correctly.
  • Use two colors of granite, one for the countertops and one for the island. This can add a dramatic touch and spice up the kitchen.
  • If you are on a budget make sure you ask the price ranges first so you do not spend hours picking out a slab to find out it will not fit the budget.