Cygnet Stainless Sink Review

Cygnet Stainless Sinks are;

  • Manufactured for cygnet Stainless in South Korea if factory who has been in manufacturing since 1964.
  • Manufactured from Korean stainless steel which is heavier than Chinese steel
  • Have bowls individually pressed and welded so they are
    • Heavier and quieter
    • Bowls are uniform on all sides
    • Do not have stress or stretch marks
  • Finished with a fully automated process to produce an even finish within the sink and from sink to sink
  • Made with a high tech sound reduction technology from the automotive industry instead of smelly pads made from recycled tires.
  • Made from 304 stainless steel so they match your kitchen appliances and the finish will last as long as your stone top.
  • Certified to meet all model codes.
  • Cover by a limited lifetime warranty and a team of sink professionals at ANO.

 Cygnet Stainless Sink Brochure